• Are you looking for Top Quality Commercial Cleaning that’s a step above the rest ?
  • Are you not satisfied or tired of inconsistent, unreliable office cleaning companies or companies that use sub contractors to clean?
  • Are you ready to work with a professional cleaning company who will clean your office building exactly the way you want it cleaned?

Cleaning On Wheels Commercial Cleaning Services provides consistent & quality cleaning services to North & North East Atlanta Metro area.

We provide Quality Cleaning services to many types of facilities & office buildings large and small. From banks, Dr. offices, city and government offices, and industrial.

When you Choose Cleaning On Wheels Commercial Services – We provide you with a cleaning program tailored to your needs and budget.

We can also provide you with all your restroom supplies and manage the inventory for you.

Our staff is highly trained and certified in the most efficient and effective ways to clean your office space. We believe there is a right way to clean each individual aspect of a office and we maintain our reputation and high quality service based on that premise. Your quote will detail the exact details of your customized service and management including the first service visit, typically referred to as a “Deep Clean” and then what it will take to maintain that same level of cleanliness in all areas of your office. Every office is different because every business and work staff is different. Some offices may require a team of three professionals others may only require a team of two. We generally use a professional cleaning team of two or more for several reasons including: efficiency (we can have your office ready sooner with more than one professional) and because of quality (simply put two sets of eyes are better than one).

After your initial visit, management will contact you with any details of the initial cleaning and to receive any feedback you may have. As a client, you are our top priority and will have access to our management at any time should the need arise.

Following the initial visit, we will maintain your office with the agreed upon schedule of service. We pride ourselves on being reliable, dependable, and respectful of your time and keeping the schedule that was set during your account set-up. You can count on us to be there when we say we will.

We provide you with a no cost in office estimate.
To set up a time & day contact us, call our office at 678-485-6526, Or Contact Us.

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